Close. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is now out in theaters worldwide, and is proving to be every bit the game-changing chapter of the Dragon ball saga that fans have been promised.Now that … Dragon Ball, DBZ, GT, Kai, Super: Main Series Timeline & Watch Order, Explained. By Timothy Donohoo Sep 16, 2020. The way we see it, they'll either watch the original Dragon Ball Z series or they'll watch … It's been on and off my "anime to watch" list for a long time now due to me hearing mixed things about. u/Jaredstutz. Watch it if you want, but it has (almost) the same story as beginning of Dragon Ball Super. I became a fan all over again, and for this reason I have been excited for Dragon Ball Super: Broly since its reveal. Dragon Ball Super has been going for quite a bit, and there have been six sagas leading up to the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. 14 comments. They aren't required to enjoy Super, but you should watch them, along with the JSAT special (which should be watched before Battle of Gods). There are some important exceptions, however.First, Dragon Ball GT is considered non-canon. Super Dragon Ball Heroes has released Episode 9 of the Big Bang Mission arc! If you haven't already, watch Dragon Ball. Yes. Yes. 10 Best Comedy Anime of 2020, According To MyAnimeList. Right from the beginning of each character’s introduction and the basic plot, everything begins here for … When Freeza comes back in the "Resurrection F" arc, it's hard to get the full impact without having seen just how epic (and drawn-out) Goku and Freeza's milestone battle on Namek was. Should You Watch Dragon Ball Z Before Dragon Ball Super? If you really want to start with z or kai then i highly recommend you read the dragon ball manga at least. In this video I give 4 reasons why fans of Dragon Ball Z should consider watching Dragon Ball Super, the on-going sequel to DBZ. Especially if you never went further than the Saiyan saga! (This "IMDB version" stands for both Japanese and English). level 2 While you wait for Resurrection 'F' to release, you might want to read Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, as the titular character will be appearing in Super. There may be a few characters that you won't recognize or there will be a few inside jokes that you won't understand. However, Dragon Ball Z has the reputation of being the series that really put the franchis eon the worldwide map. The biggest hurdle to skipping DBZ to watch DBS is having to fill in the blanks at major callback points in the newer series. Akira Toriyama had little to no input on the series and was not happy with how it turned out. 'Or I will stab you right now': A family's extortion ordeal Dragon Ball GT was created by Atsushi Maekawa to be the conclusion of the Dragon Ball Series. I didn't watch Dragon Ball until after I watched Dragon Ball Z and GT. Thing is I have the basic understanding of everything that happens in Z and I want to know if there would be anything from Z I would need to know, that I don't already know, to fully understand super. Dragon Ball Super may be over, ... Bleach: 10 Plot Points That Were Abandoned Before The Ending. ....................... please finish DBZ. Beginning as more of an adventure/comedy series, the stakes gradually build throughout the show, leading to a higher focus on action. You won't need it, but it's the first part of the story.. Watch the JSAT special, and Battle of Gods.BoG won't be mandatory, but it will help you get to know Beerus & Whis, and you'll be able to recognize any changes made to the story by Super. RELATED: DBZA: 10 Funniest Characters On The Show, Ranked Although Dragon Ball Z has caused fans to perceive the franchise as aggressively slow-paced, Akira Toriyama’s original manga was actually quite brisk. What to watch before Super? Dragon Ball Super manga is written by Akira Toriyama, the author who wrote the Dragon Ball manga (not DBZ). No, im just kidding, before watching Super it's essential you watch GT first, don't listen to other people joking around telling you to watch Z as it is almost just fillers and it's an inside joke on this sub to try and have people watch Z before super just to ruin the experience for them. Let's Give This Video OVER 500 Likes! DBZ: Battle of Gods (movie) comes after Dragon Ball Z. rowteree 4 years ago #2. Dragon Ball GT is officially not canon material thanks to Super, so it is completely unnecessary. You're missing out on A LOT if you don't watch all of Z, especially since Z is easily the most popular anime of the franchise and is probably the biggest reason why there are so many fans. That being said, at least knowing everything that happened in Dragon Ball Z beyond the Frieza Arc is pretty important. Yeah. I grew up with Dragon Ball Z and I was wondering if this series is worth watching. Just started watching, on ep. 2 years ago. Broly is definitely for the longtime fans, but not explicitly. Dragon Ball Z is one of, if not the most popular and well-known anime ever. I appreciated each character way more and watching them grow more and more each season was so interesting. Archived . WATCH DRAGON BALL. share. Don't fall for it. Dragon ball z 291 episodes dragon ball z is probably the famous one of the whole anime. I have to say watching DB added so much to the storyline. I recommend starting with Dragon Ball, followed by Dragon Ball Z and then watch Dragon Ball Super if you wish to watch all the episodes in order and in succession.. As a lapsed Dragon Ball fan, Battle of Gods pulled me back in a big way, prompting me to rewatch Dragon Ball Z in full and eagerly anticipate the follow-up film, Resurrection F, and the new show, Dragon Ball Super. It is no secret that people are in need for entertainment these days, and that has prompted a good few people to check out anime and its classics like Dragon Ball. With regard to your main question, if you were to watch the Dragon Ball Super series before, it doesn't really make a significant difference with regard to plot. Should I watch the 2 movies first before DragonBall Super? Who Goku and Vegeta are; who major enemies like Freeza, or Buu are; what the Super Saiyan power-ups are all about. But a question has been asked amongst the fandom about which Dragon Ball anime needs to be watched first, and we're here to break down a viewing order for all you new fans. Having watched every Dragon Ball Super episode as they came out, I would say that so long as you have watched at least Dragon Ball Z, you are good. 10 Upcoming Anime Sequels in 2021. I have the basic understanding of everything that happens in Z and I want to know if there would be anything from Z I would need to know, that I don't already know, to fully understand super. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. By now Dragon Ball Z is big and well-known enough for most people to get the major points of the series pretty quickly. As … It's form original creator, not like GT (Dragon Ball GT isn't connected to this). For example, Goku's gi is not the saturated orange seen in the TV series; images on the main menu are significant colored images from the manga; loading screens mirror the original Japanese tankobōncover art; sound effects are writt… User Info: rowteree. Share 1 Comments. You could get by well enough, but there's honestly no reason to rush right into Super. When super was announced i decided to finally watch the series so i could watch super when it aired. Less filler. As you may (or may not) know, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai are the same thing. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball! I would say going from Cell to Buu is a much of a difference as going from the end of Dragon Ball to the beggining of Z. It's revered so highly that even now, three decades later, It's still being carried on word-of-mouth, and remastered into new versions, for new generations. You could get by well enough, but there's honestly no reason to rush right into Super. 15 Fantasy Anime Everyone Should Watch This Year. But dbzk is still a good watch. If youre in a rush, watch dragon ball z kai. If you ever watch any show ever, it should be Z. LOL how is that even a question. Watch the series first, then the movie. SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS!Welcome to the 2020 edition of "The Correct Order to Watch Dragon Ball"! The game's theme throughout its presentation is that of the Dragon Ball manga. You can catch Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super on available streaming platforms. But you can still get into the series. Anything I should watch before watching super? You should watch Dragonball and Z before Super but if you understand what happened and stuff you dont NEED to, but I'd highly recommend you do. The story would always give gravity and weight to the moments that were truly important, but Dragon Ball was never a series that liked to linger. The franchise is a staple in the industry, and Dragon Ball Z brought anime to an international level decades ago... but there is a more recent series out there starring Goku. There is plenty of quality action to appreciate for the uninitiated, but the highlight is definitely the history gaps it fills in for the Saiyan race. With the franchise still going strong as ever at over 600 episodes, here's a rundown on each Dragon Ball anime. By Kofi Outlaw This could cause a distortion from the direction where the writer of Dragon Ball Z Takao Koyama wants to take the series. What Are Your Thoughts? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By Kofi Outlaw - May 4, 2020 05:30 pm EDT. Watch it now. Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters nationwide on January 16. Knowing the basic things that go on is not enough in my opinion, you need ALL the details and the full story. shinian With that logic you should stop watching anime altogether and quit kidding yourself. Yes... Super depends heavily on you knowing the original series. It would make its case, and move on. Should I watch Z before Super? Of course you should! But is Dragon Ball Z actual required viewing in order to watch Dragon Ball Z? Updated by Caleb Bailey on 1/29/2020: The recent release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot means that plenty of newcomers will be joining the Dragon Ball fandom., Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you're older than 12 skip the whole Dragon Ball saga and watch some anime that's worthwhile. All rights reserved. Beginning of Buu had more than that. I realise that you probably don't need to watch the original series first, but will it make Z more enjoyable, and is it a very good series as well? AND YES. For those standout storylines, you don't really need much Dragon Ball Z education - just like you don't need to watch much of the other Dragon Ball Super storylines, either.