If you happen to break the wire or if you need to splice it for any reason, it’s important to take the time and care to do the job properly. In short you’ll need to do the following: Charge the receiver collar battery; Plug in the transmitter; Run the boundary wire above ground. Learn about the tools you need to install your own invisible dog fence. » What do I need to know about dog fence wire? Twisting two dog fence wires together creates a neutral wire that your dog can cross without receiving a warning or correction. Use sealer and overfill the crack so that a little caulk comes over the top. Backyard Dog Fence Layout. Otherwise, it’s left unprotected from damage by weather, landscaping tools, and animals not contained by your dog fence system (e.g., your neighbor's dog, wild animals). When you do not need the radio signal you can touch the wires together… here you have the North/South effect and so can neutralize the radio signal and let your dog into that area. Others figure out that they can dig beneath the fence to escape. Attach the free ends of wire to an electric drill and use the drill to twist your wires together. Unfortunately, you can't just leave the dog fence wire exposed in these areas—not only is that unsightly, but your wire will quickly become damaged. Extreme Dog Fence Transmitter and Collar Only. While this kind of fence can keep a dog inside of the yard, they’re also easy for dogs to get around. Contact Me. » What do I need to know about buying a dog fence collar? As you install the wire, you’ll want to take care not to break it at any point, since breaks in the wire will prevent the fence from operating properly. Once your trench is cut, bury the wire very deeply at both ends of the cut. If you're installing the wire at a joint in your concrete driveway, you can just follow that line. This enables the dog to safely walk over the twisted wire path. * Answers to readers' top questions Now that you've planned your dog fence installation, it's time for the hard work: installing the boundary wire. 2. The twisted wire joins the house transmitter box to the boundary wire. Invisible Fence is a brand that's only offered through pro installers, so to install your own Invisible Fence you'll have to buy a used and unwarrantied system off of eBay. When you have two wires this close together, it creates a dead zone, allowing the dog to safely cross over without getting any correction. google_ad_slot = "8444883417"; » How young is too young for a dog fence? Some DIY dog fences recommend stapling the wire to your existing fence or to the ground. You can also hand twist but be prepared for a fight if the wire is more than a few feet long. Don't leave any wire above ground or you may risk tripping over it or accidentally severing it when mowing the lawn. Cover the Wire You should be able to bury the Wireless fences are plug-and-play. Just attach one end of the wire to a stationary object like a door handle and the other end to a drill and twist away. /* dfg_install-wire_bottom */ How To Install An Underground Dog Fence? * Tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else This site is listed under Dogs Directory Typically, the installation involves placing a wire in a trench dug along the boundary the owner wishes to fence off. The twisted wire is now ready to connect your transmitter box to the perimeter loop of untwisted wire. Splicing dog fence wire is not only needed when you initially install your system but is also something you'll need to know how to do in case you ever have a wire break on your hands. Twisted wire is nothing more than two regular boundary wires twisted together. google_ad_width = 468; In addition to this, you can use twisted wire to connect one loop to another. Also, as a reminder, before you bury the wire for your dog fence, call your local utility companies to mark any existing underground lines. A shard of flying concrete can seriously injure your eyes, and the dust from concrete or blacktop may harm your lungs. You use it to connect the boundary loop to the transmitter. Before you start digging, take a good look at your plan of where you intend to install the wire and make any last-minute adjustments. This will set the warning zone at the maximum width. Finally, mortar over the cut. Purchase about 20 percent more wire than you need. Strip the coating of the ends of the boundary wire approximately one-half inch exposing the copper wire. We have a more in-depth article on burying an underground dog fence wire and installing an invisible fence system using this technology. Twisting wire together cancels the electrical signal each of those wires emits. Anything over 20 feet can get messy and have you ending up with a jumbled mess of wire. How To Install The Wire Using A Wire Trenching Machine: 1. Training your dog. Physical Fence in conjunction with your invisible fence. Portal4Websites - Add your Website today Twisted wire can only be used as a connector. 7. Next, splice the twisted wire back into the boundary loop on one side, and splice the other side of the twisted wire on the other side of the boundary loop. But the pre-twisted wire is a great time saver, especially for longer runs. The upgraded wire will add to your initial cost, but will more than pay for itself over the long term since you'll experience far fewer wire breaks. Note: Do you need to cut your wires and splice in your twisted wire? Sample Layouts 1. Stretch the wire over the cut and pack it in. More information on twisted wire. Install quality wire and test the fence to confirm your splices are holding, and then teach your pet that this area is a safe and enjoyable spot for them to play. *You absolutely cannot use twisted wire as part of your main loop! » How do I install my dog fence in water. » What are the benefits of installing an invisible dog fence? Don't! The first is the traditional fence made of either wood or chainlinks. DogWatch® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc. Dog-Fence-Guide.com is not affiliated with Radio Systems Corp, Perimeter Technologies, or DogWatch Inc. and diclaims any interest in any trademarks not its own. You can bury the wire a foot or more in front of the fence line to stop the dog from getting to the fence to get over, under, around or through. Install the boundary wire. The answer is no, you don’t have to. Familiarize yourself with the wire trenching machine. Insert the boundary wires into the boundary wire terminals on the fence transmitter. //-->. You can use a handheld weeding tool to simplify the process, just make sure to dull the prongs first — if the weeder is too sharp, you may accidentally break the wire (watch a video of me using this technique). Your dog fence needs to make a complete loop that starts and ends in the same location. Once you have the right saw, just draw a chalk line where you need to make the cut and follow that with the saw. Most dog fence installations require the wire to cross over a driveway or sidewalk at some point. If you're installing the wire in blacktop, use a chalk snap line to mark your cut. Unfortunately, you cannot add a wire to the Boundary Wire to cancel out the signal, nor will twisting a Single Loop layout wire back on itself cancel the signal in that area. This wire isn’t an all-in-one kit, but a useful accessory to a DIY invisible fence. They are also known as electric fences. The most misunderstood part of the electric dog fence is twisted wire. The other kind of fence that pet owners might consider is what’s considere… The most common use of twisted wire is for connecting the transmitter box (installed in your home or garage) to the boundary loop. Next: Installing your dog fence transmitter >>, Copyright© 2007 - 2009 Dog-Fence-Guide.com - All Rights Reserved Does the gauge of dog fence wire really matter. Skip to main content.