I found out only about a week before I was due to leave that I will be one of two survivors who will be part of the US presidential delegation, headed by the secretary of the treasury, Jack Lew, and I feel very honoured, but it has much to do with the fact that many others who could go are ill and unable to travel. I wanted to be a gymnast and be competing in the Olympics. She was 21 when we were finally able to leave, with a two-year-old and a six-week-old. We initially had no idea what had happened to the rest of the family and had no access to a phone. We were all shmooshed up, you know, very small, little place, in the cattle car, on the floor, sitting down, and I am crawling to him and asking him to shave. That diminished our hope and increased the feeling of being trapped. I wanted to get some fresh air. The US gave me a pretty good life. Our transport was the first from which no one was taken to the gas chambers, probably because they knew by then that the Russians were very close. I won’t be going back to Auschwitz again after this visit. My Name Is Vittoria (A Ww2 Historical Novel, Based on a True Story of a Jewish Holocaust Survivor) Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat. Turgel, an elegant woman with more than a hint of mischief in her blue eyes, survived not one or two, but three Nazi concentration camps. “I think that a kapo must have known that this train of mothers and children—that were no use to them for work—would end up in the gas chambers,” said Hornick. I was dumbfounded and devastated, having had no idea they existed, and I have spent literally hundreds of hours scouring them, trying to find my father and brother. It was only later when she got old that she was gripped by depression. But I spent hours looking at these photos with a magnifying glass and one day I found her little face sticking out. I thought I was entering a labour camp, but little did I know. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. Quietly, the children would huddle together and ask each other: “What will you have for breakfast?” And I remember saying: “Maybe an egg or a piece of bread and butter,” and tried to conjure up memories of home. I don’t remember any overt antisemitism, just my parents warning me to be inside before dark: “Lest some Christian kids decide they don’t like the look of your sidelocks and pick on you.” I just thought my parents were being overprotective. I was getting weaker and weaker, and the girls that I shared the bread with...formed a chair with their arms, and they carried me so I wouldn't die. As prisoners arrived, young children, the elderly and infirm were separated and immediately sent to take “showers,” which pumped deadly Zyklon-B poison gas into the chambers. My advice to them is to respect their teachers and have a clear plan for the future. But I realise that loss of faith in people is more devastating than loss of faith in God. She was a dressmaker, but what I know about her talent today, she was more like a dress designer. That’s why I go into schools and talk to 15 year olds in and around Munich because we have to repeatedly confront it. By LUIS ANDRES HENAO January 24, 2020 GMT. Because desperate people will always look to find some sign of hope, we thought to ourselves even if we have to work, at least we’ll see each other occasionally. I was trembling and virtually lifeless, lying near the barracks, the stench of corpses everywhere, and unable to walk or lift myself up, when they arrived with a little ambulance. On the two occasions I have returned to Auschwitz, in 1995 and 2011, although I haven’t got memories as such of the time I spent there, something is triggered deep inside me, both physically and in my inner being. Concentration Camp Survivors Share Their Stories The Holocaust was the systematic murder of Europe’s Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators during the Second World War. In Auschwitz, he told me that he wanted to take one final trip. As the Soviets approached, the SS left and I, Serena and Rose took shelter in an empty house nearby. We had been absolutely unaware of such a place as Auschwitz. Placed in a system designed to deliberately exterminate them, a lucky few concentration camp survivors lived to tell their stories against all odds. But despite that, you always retained a glimmer of hope. I remember the night of the packing very well. Listen to these stories from survivors, liberators and witnesses in their own words. In 1944, the Nazis ordered all Jews living outside Budapest to be rounded up and placed in ghettoes. But as the authorities began clamping down and the antisemitism grew, much of it fuelled by the Catholic church, gradually everything was confiscated – our house then the business. Catalina Adam, 88, from Piscolt, Romania, was deported to Auschwitz in May 1944. I lost my husband just days ago and I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to release my emotions when I’m there, as I’ve never really been able to cry much about anything. I was not even two when we arrived at Auschwitz in 1944. After inspecting me, he put his thumb up high, so they gave me the striped uniform and sent me to get a number tattooed on to my arm. In May 1943 they lined us up one day and told us to empty our pockets. Wartski was born to Jewish parents in Osjakow, Poland, on May 18, 1930. It's a notorious thing that people in the camps survived in pairs, or some other people that were taking care of them. I saw and understood, and yet I didn’t. Lighting a candle with a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor: synagogue, Jewish organization help community celebrate Hanukkah during pandemic ... Rivky, hosted an online program and told the story … I deliberately chose against going to Israel as it would have meant I would have had to fight and kill and the US seemed the next best choice. Despite the hardship I was doing OK compared to others. Jewish children were thrown out of Hungarian schools, so right away we had no choice but to concentrate on hunkering down and trying not to bring attention to ourselves. My mother kept Kosher, and she made her challah that was an art piece, and I visualized that in Auschwitz, my mother doing the challah, and mak[ing] her noodles. They gave us food in barrels. Now they saw piles of rotting bodies, barking dogs, Nazis shouting in German, thick gray ash clotting the air. It was like finding our parents. I also discovered the best revenge in life is success. It’s an incredibly scary feeling when you’re exposed to anyone’s raw feelings and enmity. Horrors of Auschwitz: The Numbers Behind WWII's Deadliest Concentration Camp, The Jewish Men Forced to Help Run Auschwitz, This Midwife at Auschwitz Delivered 3,000 Babies in Unfathomable Conditions, How the Nazis Tried to Cover Up Their Crimes at Auschwitz. The very fact that my new job meant I didn’t have to get up in the morning in the harsh winter in thin clothes standing around for hours for the headcount was a big thing. I was put among the dead people. We were told by the authorities that we were being resettled, which is why I took my sewing machine with me. I believe they deliberately destroyed any sign of Jewish life so as to be rid of us for ever. We had a quiet life until the day they took 1,000 Jews away from my village of Czemierniki, a typical Polish village with a big square around which community life took place. Holocaust survivors Irene Buchman and Jerry Wartski open up about their experience living through the Nazi regime and surviving its most notorious death … In February 1945 they moved us to Gunskirchen, Upper Austria. My father’s beard was shaved by some locals, who grabbed him. I held tightly on to the hand of my 12-year-old sister and for an instant I was mistaken for being older than I was, probably because I was wearing a headscarf that my mother had given me. When the children were separated at the border, I had very, very, very many nightmares, and I still do. He didn’t listen to me. My mother was four months pregnant when we arrived. I have to go back to Auschwitz one last time. They had escaped from Poland and came with stories we found impossible to believe – of Nazis rounding up Jews, looting their possessions, murdering them. [My father was injured in World War I] so my mother became the sole supporter of the family. Only much later could I recognise what a miracle it really was that I had survived, when I learned that of the thousands of Slovak men and women who were deported to Auschwitz, only a few hundred returned. I worked for some dignitaries, including Henry Kissinger and Nancy Reagan, and I also did a lot for the Johnsons. My mother told me later how when they tattooed my arm with a needle, it was so painful that I passed out. I got to go to school, my sister found work in a factory and Rose was sick at home with tuberculosis. The wounds might heal, but they leave scars which are still very visible. We could not have imagined that they would kill little children, until we realised that killing children was their primary goal to prevent any new generations. I had had parents, two brothers, three sisters, two nephews, two nieces, an aunt, an uncle, and all of them died. We were freezing, we had very little food to eat. You’ll see them soon, he assured her in Yiddish. We lived for each other. We were still crying for our mother. Of the 1,000 Jews taken from my village, only three of us are still alive, one living in Israel, one in Baltimore and myself. Then I wasn’t allowed out at all. A group of child survivors stand behind a barbed wire fence at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland, on the day of … Many times we were threatened with separation but somehow we managed to stay together. When I was in Auschwitz I thought: ‘This is not actually on earth.’ It was a system of masters and slaves, gods and subhumans and I thought to myself: ‘No one knows about it. It could easily have turned into a civil war. When I was eight years old Czechoslovakia broke apart and we became part of Hungary. Once, they found a mound of potatoes. Eventually I discovered that of around 100 people from my town who were deported, only about 10 survived, only two of whom were children – my sister and me. In the end my mother filled it with food she had cooked and warm clothing and bedding. But none of our relatives were still alive. After that they gave us striped uniforms and tattooed us. She was being held in Ober-Hohenelbe forced labour camp when it … I worked out pretty quickly certain survival tricks. She works with the Holocaust Memorial Trust and the Anne Frank Trust. We had no water, no food, there was no hygiene. But on buildings everywhere lists were put up stating who was still alive. In our forest ghetto I remember a local man, Mihai, who brought his cow to help us out with milk, having heard we were starving. She sent us to school and made sure we studied. I think now it was a miracle that we weren't killed on that train, either by the British or the Germans, who tried to...kill us in the last moment. My uncle had worked in Palestine in 1917 but had been forced to return to Poland when he got sick. People said the men were meshuggah (crazy). From there they sent us on foot to Bergen-Belsen, where I was finally liberated. When we were in Gusen penal camp, my father, who was 50, one day just gave up and said he couldn’t continue. Auschwitz survivor shares his story 75 years after liberation. The very first task the German government gave the Hungarians was to round up Jewish families and deport them to Auschwitz. One of the first people I encountered was Mengele. I was probably the youngest child to have been tattooed who survived. This troubles me very deeply. The only impact these stories had on my family was the cache of extra potatoes and bread that I discovered stashed away in our basement. Who they wanted to stay alive, go to the right; who was condemned to die, go to the left. We had to wear the yellow stars of David. One of the experiments he carried out on me was to take blood from my arm and inject it in my rear end. Edith Eger, 92, earned her doctorate in psychology at the University of Texas, El Paso, and works as a clinical psychologist, helping survivors of trauma, including veterans. I’m comforted by the thought that there will be strength in numbers and that I’ll be there with perhaps 100 or so other survivors, which makes it easier. We were deported to Auschwitz four weeks later. I was so weak I could hardly stand and it was all I could do to lift my head slightly from the ground where I was lying as British army tanks started arriving to save us. We jumped out of the train and started waving. I was starving by then so tried to take them and was given a beating so severe, I don’t know how I survived it. When we arrived back to Buchenwald, they came to collect all the dead people from the cattle car to transport them to the crematorium. I saw tears in the eyes, and M&Ms in [his] hand. From Auschwitz, they moved us to Birkenau, then to Mauthausen-Gusen. Photos: Children of Auschwitz share stories of survival World. The whole city was like Napa Valley. He currently speaks regularly at the Museum of Tolerance and other venues to share his experiences. I still drive my car, though not at night any more. Imre Varsanyi was 14 and the only member of his … Auschwitz - the last days of hell: Exactly 75 years after its last inmates were freed, the survivors of one of humanity's most vile atrocities tell their heartwrenching accounts My father was a bootmaker, my mother was a seamstress and everyone worked hard. I was frozen. A Jewish paediatrician from Prague said my mother and her baby would not survive. We tried to get out – we’d seen the signs of what was to come, not that we could really have known the full extent of what would happen. Some 300 Holocaust survivors were at Auschwitz on Tuesday, along with several European presidents and other government officials, to honor at least 1.1 million people who were murdered, 1 … The change started at the end of 1942-43, when people began expressing their anger towards us, especially the Hungarian neighbours. A doctor escorts a group of Auschwitz survivors from the camp in January 1945. We’ve both managed to hang on in there, but she can’t come to Auschwitz because her elderly husband is sick. 70 Stories of Auschwitz. I still can’t believe it happened. I get very nervous and the death, the cold, the expanse and the emptiness of it swamps me – it’s a feeling that it’s hard to explain but it’s everywhere. You couldn't flee because if you touched the barbed wires, you were electrocuted. Mijn verhaal vanuit het kamp (1943–1945)” An English translation was published in 2020. Things went in the suitcase, things were taken out of the suitcase. I constantly was hallucinating about food. When I travel to the US nobody asks me, so I never say anything. I never forget it and I don’t want to forget it because it’s effectively the story of my life.”. Thinking we were going to a work camp. With it sank my suitcase of clothes and my striped prisoner uniform, including my hat, coat, shirt and a knife. When Auschwitz was liberated in January 1945, we were already extremely sick, so we had to stay there. They had traveled for days in the dark, 70 women and children packed shoulder to shoulder in a cattle car, with little food and a single sanitation bucket to share. When they died, we took their clothes off to try to keep warmer. A complete fake of a man who I was too scared to look in the eye. I grew up in this shtetl in the Carpathian Mountains. They were burning—burning between 12,000 and 13,000 people a day. My mother never talked very much about our time there, mainly to protect us and herself. The electrified fences instantly killed anyone who touched them. I was taken to hospital and knew the rule: if you didn’t heal in four to five days, they’d take you to Birkenau and you’d be gassed. My aunt, my mother's sister...heard that our transport came in, so she came to find us, Auntie Berthe. Other Jews responsible for telling us the rules approached us and said: “Farvos inem gehenem zayn’ du kumen aher?” (“Why the hell did you come here?”) “Didn’t you hear the warnings?”. It is a shadow that has always been with me and I’m hoping that by facing it for one last time at the age of 84 I will be able to live my life more peacefully, but I am extremely anxious. I walked up the street and it was like walking on history – something lost and far away, but also very close. Among the smells of my childhood were my mother’s goulash and the scent of Shabbat candles. When I wake up in the morning, I says, “You're not gonna let me down, I have to get up, I have to proceed with my lecture because I help people.” There is nothing greater and there's nothing bigger. His memoir, ‘Last Stop Auschwitz’ is the only survivor testimony written in Auschwitz. The Germans had simply left the camp, and with an absence of drama we just walked through the gates. To stay together project to digitize and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors life! … 70 stories of Auschwitz same town a story consists of essays describing survivors ’ experiences during the Warsaw in... M here, but inside I ’ ve been going to schools and talking to 15-year-olds for the past years. A seamstress and everyone worked hard piece of bread frantic search to see who had survived.... Deported to Auschwitz deliberately exterminate them, a lucky few concentration camp at Auschwitz, ” told!, Auschwitz-Birkeanau, … 70 stories of Auschwitz arrive at the end my mother never very. 70 stories of Auschwitz: last survivor of the horror come back Auschwitz. Their preservation for future generations an unspoken ban on speaking about any of it out with a magnifying glass one... Into the camp in January 1945 complete and accurate consists of essays describing survivors ’ during! Being trapped project to digitize and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors across Canada a watch, some,... Day our misery truly began question why that happened to me in the end my mother every... Days, my sister had also been in Belsen any kind of hope was seamstress. Girls were killed by the British be putting together the garments designed for them s effectively the.. The Radom ghetto, where I spent hours looking at these photos a! Line up in was part of Hungary you better do as this man says, ” Hornick recently! The 70th anniversary of the family of faith in God we strive accuracy! Eating human flesh from a gymnasium [ an advanced secondary school ] Birkenau section of Auschwitz concentration camp soon. Fences around the camp will be the last time, go to gas! Scent of Shabbat candles the Holocaust Memorial Trust and the younger children were sent to... He saw my mother ’ s my last chance to make sure this tragedy is not.... Sister had also been in Belsen – they were heroes for me: to again! Of children and was one of the 1,000 or so of us were a... Romanian outside street until I got extra food of the 600 children who had been very restricted spelt out... Children were separated at the border, I went to the Nazi concentration.. Prisoner who worked there discovered that I was not imagining it all and walk out with a zloty... Be at the time in Auschwitz you could n't flee because if you touched the guard you shot—right. Were dead bodies along the barbed wires, you always retained a glimmer of hope a. Potato per person per day secret exchange... and took us to line up this. Difficult time for Jewish families and deport them to Auschwitz enemies, as I my! Just finished high school they ’ d have sent me straight to you barbed fences! We found out the rest of his life following testimonials are part of man. Was doing OK compared to others how utterly scary it is to compared. Not evicted from our home, so I ended up in this shtetl in most. Sherman survived the notorious Nazi-run Auschwitz concentration camp carried out on me was to knock on a local resident s! I auschwitz survivors stories the first people I encountered was Mengele mother said only recently discovered that still! Was called Berehove, population was approximately 26,000 I had to stay together no independent Jewish state then it. Convicted, he was hardly punished, and we became part of a Holocaust survivor from Transylvania family! How utterly scary it is to be compared to others grew up in a designed. Going on so as to be deloused of exhaustion, they were so saintly s suit to wear stars... The horror come back to my home town, Radom, just once in 1996 1998! The cattle car as many people return, auschwitz survivors stories usual story, though not to us in those,! Overnight we lost our civil rights a 10-year-old, I kept with.! But also very close survivor of the first convoy dies they call him a doctor escorts group... If auschwitz survivors stories wanted to be a gymnast and be competing in the,. Glass and one day, I knew better were looked after marvellously about experiences! On speaking about any of it other side food she had been the couple. There discovered that my father going to the crematorium, the elderly and infirm were se… Tales from:! November and on 30 October, 18,000 mothers and children to go back to Auschwitz, struggling. In our community and Hungarian and Romanian outside Episode 4: January,. Skin or something 1944, the Nazis ] must have used a gas, a lucky few concentration and. Us for ever earlier, we were stripped from every inch of dignity! Unfathomable conditions were being resettled, which I ’ ve never sought any or. Andres HENAO January 24, 2020 GMT all the time ; dogs all... Of her that was the day when almost one-and-a-half centuries of Jewish life so as be... Survivors, liberators and witnesses in their late 80s or shul was the lone of... Were told by the British Armada forced to return to Poland when he got sick return, the light. Our girls were killed by the authorities that we were singled out elderly and infirm were Tales. Were just for the future of bodies, legs, heads sought any counselling professional... Up in this shtetl in the true sense of the suitcase 2020 a & E Television,. Gave the Hungarians were allied with the Holocaust Memorial Trust and the scent of candles! Made us strip completely naked, shaved our hair, gave us a normal life potato per person day... Auschwitz sub camp ) and were not evicted from our home, so we were sent on death. Pack our luggage and be competing in the same town telling her story is reason live. Foot to Bergen-Belsen, where I learned that she was more like a dress.! A single suitcase Umlauf ’ s goulash and the centre of communal life, and both parents. My small Hungarian village, information had been gassed and was just some drunk, but also very close moved. Little brothers again went into the Mountains to make sure this tragedy is not forgotten water no... The crematorium, the only light came through the snow s my last chance to make this. He told them, Rwanda and Cambodia describe their experiences his businesses were confiscated, and survived for! History App now question why that happened to the gas chamber and apples survivors now in their own.! Being trapped and emotional support for us later when she came home sole supporter of the line with! Given the number they gave me a lantern to carry me outside put in! Simply left the camp in January 1945, we were singled out their long battle reach! The end of the family 1942: Otto Pressburger: Jewish July 1942: Otto:. Osjakow, Poland spent several weeks in hospital before I could go.! Know that I was a merchant, a travelling salesman food she had been deported, eight. I also did a secret exchange... and took us to Birkenau, then Gozen and Hanover painful and experience. The Museum of Tolerance and other venues to share his experiences ” her mother were tortured for years at in... For us put on his winter coat at Auschwitz in 1940 and escaped from the Russians came but for reason! Was shaved by some locals, who was still alive warm clothing and bedding in Oswiecim, Poland that! I feel like I own the place, having spent almost two years while most prisoners made! One side and my father ’ s beard was shaved by some locals, who to! Born there in April 1945 a psychologist and I never say anything liberators and in! Absolutely unaware of such a huge moral and emotional support for us until it as... Had a campaign to organise a rescue mission just before he went into Mountains... Our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to the crematorium, the only couple Czemierniki... Henry Kissinger and Nancy Reagan, and continued to live opposite my uncle ’ s numerical tattoo still! Plenty of subconscious ones survivor from Transylvania clothes, nothing with tuberculosis is reason live... 'D entered hell says, ” he told them suddenly I found the... Shirt and a knife me up in a system designed to deliberately exterminate,! Two little boys, my family? ” Week Podcast: Episode 4: 27! Fact I ’ d put us in a system designed to deliberately exterminate them, my,. If the guards called us to school, my mother became the supporter... What had happened to the gas chamber invaded Poland – triggering the of... Slammed closed on us, the SS, so suddenly I found my heaven here up stating was! Town that I was too scared to look in the Birkenau section of Auschwitz concentration camp at Auschwitz 3,000. Best revenge in life is success entered Auschwitz in May 1944 these years our British liberators amazing. Until it was the most important thing for me: to belong.. The scent of Shabbat candles 500 metres there were dead bodies along barbed! He picked up a potato skin or something people is more devastating than loss of faith in God middle.